Choosing the Right Herbal Dog Shampoo: Your Key to a Happy and Healthy Pet

Choosing the Right Herbal Dog Shampoo: Your Key to a Happy and Healthy Pet

These days everyone wants to use natural products be it food, apparel, pets or any domains. The last decade has seen the rise of many ayurvedic brands in all these domains. Although, when it comes to the pet sector, the rise of these brands has been relatively low. We see conventional brands like Himalaya manufacturing some of the products but they too don’t specialize in this sector nor have they got loads of variety. 

Let me share a simple example to explain it better:
Sony started making phones for sometime but they are not the pioneers for mobile phones since their hero product is the Bravia Television.


This being said, the number of advantages of using herbal products for pets is huge in number. Let's take a look at some of these advantages:


  • The risk of adverse reactions is minimized as natural products typically contain fewer synthetic chemicals and artificial additives. Dogs are just like small kids when it comes to their feedback when they are exposed to something. You would see visible side effects much later after using products like shampoos and at times it could be too late for the same.


  • Herbal extracts make the end product milder and gentler for the skin. Most dog breeds have sensitive skin and thick coats of hair which always need to be thoroughly but gently nourished. Strong chemical-based shampoos make their coat rough and might cause permanent itchiness and irritation.


  • Herbs boost the immune system. We all know dogs are one of the most sensitive species in contracting virus and infections. Due to this very reason, vaccines and immunity should never be compromised, Natural herbs always aid in strengthening this aspect.


  • Improve digestion and reduce inflammation. If you’ve seen the world-famous movie: Marley & me, you must know how lethal gastrointestinal issues can be for dogs. Natural ingredients in their raw form provide good fibre content which facilitates digestion and prevents inflammation which is a major plus.


  • Natural ingredients such as turmeric and ginger help prevent joint problems due to their anti-inflammatory properties. These days pets are nurtured in urban environments which has got hard and rough concrete or tile flooring compared to their natural environments which is usually soft grass. The hard surface poses a severe threat of common joint problems like arthritis. These natural ingredients serve as a precautionary measure to prevent developing conditions like these.


  • The production of herbal remedies generally has a lower environmental impact, contributing to eco-friendly practices. Towards the end, it's the environment and society as well we need to care about and contribute towards. The production of chemical-based products and their wastage degrades the environment and water bodies. Herbal products are produced with much less wastage and no chemical interaction.

    Devising herbal products for pets is a challenge in itself. Let's take a herbal dog shampoo as a product for example. 


    1. Herbal shampoos lather much less. 
    2. They would probably have a shorter shelf life since no preservatives would be added.
    3. Their fragrance wouldn’t be immensely appealing since those high-quality chemicals wouldn’t be put to use.
    4. Sourcing natural ingredients in their purest form is difficult.

    Since, it’s so difficult to manufacture herbal shampoos, there are very few brands which are in this sector. A general advice when encountering products from any brand which claims their products as herbal would be to take a glance at their ingredients. 90% of the time, they still use preservatives which defeats the purpose of the natural tag. For shampoos, we should also always check the dilution percentage since paying for water inside the bottles doesn’t make sense at all.

    There’s a brand though which has overcome all these barriers. Their dog herbal shampoo is Enriched with Moringa, Marigold, and Pure Aloe Vera extracts and has anti-bacterial properties for a thorough cleanse. Its herbal formulation is for a holistic grooming experience which is ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages. They have devised not just a single dog shampoo but an entire herbal grooming range. This brand is making the news with its innovative formulation of products. Their grooming range comprises the best dog shampoo, puppy shampoo, no-rinse shampoo, and dog conditioner. All of their products are completely herbal without any preservatives.

    Their anti-bacterial dog shampoo is one of the best herbal dog shampoos out in the market which has no after-effects or associated allergies. Unlike other herbal shampoos which have that natural tag on them but still use preservatives, their shampoo is lab-tested and has 0% preservatives. It works excellently on all breeds, ages, and types of skin.



    1. What are the benefits of using herbal dog shampoo?

    • Gentle on sensitive skin
    • Moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy skin
    • Reduces the risk of allergic reactions
    • Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties
    • Provides a natural, pleasant fragrance
    • Supports overall skin and coat health
    • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
    • Reduces exposure to synthetic chemicals and artificial additives
    • Can have calming effects due to essential oils
    • Suitable for long-term and frequent use

    1. How is herbal dog shampoo different from regular dog shampoo?


    Herbal Dog Shampoo

    Regular Dog Shampoo


    Natural plant-based ingredients, essential oils, fewer synthetic chemicals

    Synthetic detergents, artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives


    Gentle on skin, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, natural fragrance, eco-friendly

    Effective cleaning, variety of formulations for specific needs, widely available

    Potential Effects

    Fewer allergic reactions, improves skin and coat health over time

    Possible skin irritation, may strip natural oils, short-term artificial fragrance


    Ideal for sensitive skin, can be used more frequently

    Choose based on specific needs, conduct patch test for new brands

    1. Is herbal dog shampoo suitable for puppies?

    Herbal shampoo is much more suitable than any regular shampoo for puppies. This is because as explained above, herbal ones are much more gentle on puppies’ tender skin and have reduced risk of allergies due to absence of synthetic ingredients. Just to be double sure, as a rule of thumb, you should always perform a patch test before introducing any shampoo in your puppy’s routine.

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