Organic love for your pets

Woof Woof!

Gocattles is India's 1st and most dependable natural pet care brand. Committed to the philosophy of 100% natural excellence, we strive to revolutionise pet care by crafting innovative products that not only enhance your pet's health but also help them have a happy, long and healthy life.

Our journey

Our journey at Gocattles began in 2018 when our founder, Saatwiq, set out with a simple idea – to provide top-notch services for our beloved pets. He started small with service offerings like boarding, walks, and home-cooked meals.

During this process, he studied the problems faced by the pets and their parents in India. Low-quality, chemical-packed pet products, being the major reason for 70% of the recurring health problems.

In 2021, armed with a determination to make a positive change, Saatwiq embarked on a two-year research journey. His major focus was exploring the power of Ayurvedic herbs as a holistic solution for promoting better pet health.

Fast forwarding to 2023, Gocattles made its grand entrance into the market. We unveiled a range of 100% organic pet care solutions. We also introduced a game-changing, all-in-one platform for booking pet care services right at your doorstep. The response from pet parents across India? Pure love...

What are we fighting against?

The big foreign giants in the industry have dominated the Indian pet care market, promoting their inferior grade, chemical-filled, and downright harmful pet products for decades. At Gocattles, we're here to change that narrative and bring you something better – because your pets deserve the best and only the best.

Our Mission

We're out to revolutionise the Indian pet care landscape. How? Well, we're bringing in some tech wizardry and a whole bunch of organic goodness. Our goal is crystal clear: no pet should have to deal with subpar products, and every furry friend deserves access  to top-notch care right at their doorstep – all while keeping it simple and natural.