The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Treats for Your Dog

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Treats for Your Dog

Let’s come to terms with the fact that you can have your dog pull any trick if you have enough treats. Treats form an integral tool in training your dog and molding their behavior. This being said, it’s often advised to regulate the amount of treats being given as it could have adverse effects on a dog’s health. 

With so many treats for dogs available in the market, it can be confusing what to choose for your pet. These days treats like synthetic bones are pretty famous which meddle with your pet’s digestion instantaneously. Treats should always be naturally sourced and light on the pet’s digestive system since its quantity is never fixed and is a top up alongside timely meals.

It is an interesting fact that these treats have other impacts and outcomes rather than just having your pet bounce with joy at their site.

Why are Dog Treats Important ?

  1. Training Aid: Treats are an essential part of the positive reinforcement kind of training which helps dogs develop good behavior and turn obedient without being scarred or bear the whip.
  2. Nutritional Benefits: Few brands like Gocattles have specially formulated organic dog treats to add nutrition to fun. Their treats contain high quality meat and natural ingredients which enhance health and target specific domains like improving dental health, bone health and providing anxiety relief.
  3. Dental Health: Certain types of treats, such as dental chews and crunchy biscuits, can help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Chewing on these treats can also alleviate boredom and provide mental stimulation for your dog.
  4. Pet Communication Enhancement: Dogs understand the language of love and rewards. With treats, you have an amazing opportunity for your pets to listen to you and learn to behave how you want them to.

Now that we've established the importance of dog treats, let's explore what to look for when selecting the best options for your furry friend.


When selecting treats for your dog, it is important that you consider the quality and nutritional value. Here are some things to put into consideration:

  • Ingredients: Choose treats manufactured from natural ingredients of high quality. Go for real meat, whole grains, and well-rounded fruits, vegetables,etc. Avoid treats containing preservatives or artificial additives.
  • Organic Options: Alternatively, concerned pet owners may select organic options such as Gocattles’ range. One can therefore find out more about the composition of organic healthy dog treats that have been grown free of any synthetic pesticides/herbicides/GMOs by using brands like Gocattles. Woofalicious is a great brand where you can buy 100% natural & functional dog treats.
  • Healthy Formulations: Choose completely natural brands with information on how the production of these products takes place like Gocattles.
  • Allergies and Sensitivities: If your dog has food allergies or sensitivities, be sure to read the ingredient label carefully and avoid any potential triggers. Look for hypoallergenic treats that are free from common allergens such as wheat, corn, and soy.

How often should I give my dog treats, and in what quantities?

You should never allow treats to replace timely meals. Giving a huge quantity of treats to pets might disrupt their meal schedule and result in a loss of appetite. Here is a guideline for giving your dog a treat:

  • Keep Treats To A Minimum: Not more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily caloric intake should come from treats. Letting your dog consume too many treats can result in weight gain and nutritional imbalances; therefore, you must control the number of treats given to him or her.
  • Use Treats Sparingly: Keep some for special occasions such as training sessions, rewards for good behavior or special days. Do not replace regular meals with treats because it makes the nutrition balance in the body of your puppy get affected making it malnourished.
  • Portion Control: Watch how big and how many pieces of treats you are offering to your dog. Change portion sizes based on your pet’s size, activity levels or dietary needs; otherwise you may end up overfeeding him or her.
  • Balance with Regular Meals: Give your dog snacks that don’t replace his usual food. Go for snacks that add essential nutrients to his daily meals.
  • Be careful with puppies – Healthy dog treats for puppies are very important since they have a fragile digestive system and any unwanted foreign substance might have adverse outcomes. Also, they have a tendency to eat too much at once.

Choosing the ideal treats for your dog involves careful consideration of ingredients, nutritional value, associated allergies and portion sizes.

To make it easy for you, you can subscribe to a specific brand like Gocattles which have a varied range to suit different needs alongside all their ingredients being completely natural. They also have a growing community which advocates best treats and informs pet owners about specific dog breed and phase requirements that can help you select and choose. 

To sum it up, treats are an essential part of a dog’s diet and life. If used in moderation and the right quality is chosen, they can have a significant impact in shaping a dog’s health and personality. 

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